Cat and Dog Nutrition in Oklahoma City, OK

Why Cat and Dog Nutrition in Oklahoma City is Important

The ideal diet for dogs and cats is both highly digestible and rich in omega-3 fats and antioxidants. A balanced diet that contains these nutrients can help prevent various diseases and allergies that could impact your pet’s quality of life. Skin disorders, diabetes, and other conditions can develop as a result of poor cat and dog nutrition.

Does Your Pet Have a Food Allergy?

Food allergies are very common among pets, and the best way to prevent them is to start your pet on the right diet from the very beginning. Should your pet develop a food allergy later in life, however, we can offer solutions. These may include a hypoallergenic diet or a diet containing alternative proteins* to control their allergy symptoms and improve their health.

*Alternative proteins such as eggs, beans, and soy and can help to supplement your pet’s diet if they’re allergic to meat proteins.

Different Pets Have Different Needs

Pets have varying needs based on their age, size, breed, and any existing health conditions. A food that might be best for one pet may not be ideal for another. That’s why it’s very important to talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s nutrition and find out what they would recommend following a thorough exam and conversation about your pet’s lifestyle.

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Try to Avoid Giving Your Pet Table Scraps

It’s tempting to give your pet table scraps. While it’s easy to believe that the way to your pet’s heart is through their stomach, this can actually be harmful to their health. People foods tend to be more rich and contain fats, sugars, and other ingredients that can cause digestive issues and obesity. Frequently giving your pet table scraps can also encourage them to refuse their regular food. A small piece of chicken or carrot in their bowl on occasion is no cause for concern, but try to keep the handouts to an absolute minimum.

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Is Grain-Free the Way to Be?

Some of the largest pet food brands promote grain-free diets as being ideal for dogs and cats. Is this true? Grain-free food is advertised as being higher in essential proteins and lower in carbohydrates, but this is not always the case. Furthermore, dogs that are on a grain-free diet may be at a higher risk of developing heart disease.

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