Dog Grooming in Oklahoma City, OK

Dog Grooming in Oklahoma City, OK
That Will Make Your Pet Feel Fantastic

Dog grooming isn’t just about making your pet look good—it’s about them feeling good, too. Hefner Road Pet Resort in Oklahoma City is proud to have two talented and experienced dog groomers who have spent years pampering their clients and providing exceptional service at every appointment. They know that while a freshly-groomed appearance can make a big difference for every pet, it’s the health benefits that really shine.

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Dog Grooming Gives Your Pet's Health a Boost

When your dog is bathed, brushed, and pampered, they benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Loose hair, dead skin cells, oil, and dirt buildup are washed away, reducing discomfort and the risk of a skin infection
  • Your pet’s coat is soft, supple, and shiny once more
  • We may be able to detect unusual lumps or bumps on their skin and bring them to the attention of your veterinarian
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth reduces plaque and tartar buildup, keeping dental disease at bay
  • Regular nail trims prevent poor foot posture and an abnormal gait
  • Cleaning your pet’s ears minimizes the risk of infection

Dog Grooming Services Provided

Roze and Nova can perform a wide variety of services with ease, from simple trims to full baths and blowouts. These include:

Full grooming:

  • Haircuts
  • Baths
  • Brush outs
  • Shape-ups
  • Filing nails
  • Brushing teeth
  • Full-coat blowouts
  • De-shedding
  • Anal sac expression

Additional grooming services:

  • Medicated baths and sensitive skin shampoos
  • Whitening shampoos
  • Coat detangling
  • Conditioning
  • Cleaning ears/pulling ear hair
Dog Grooming Appointment

Help Your Pet Get Used to Dog Grooming

Dog grooming can be stressful for first-timers. That’s why we recommend bringing your puppy in once they’ve had all of their vaccinations so they can become acclimated to the grooming experience early on. Once they’re used to being gently handled by our groomers and spending time in a not-so-familiar place, future grooming appointments will be much more pleasant for them.

Choose Our Dog Groomers

Roze and Nova have years of experience as dog groomers (and animal lovers) and have been with Hefner Road Pet Resort for a long time. Due to their versatile skills and ability to make pets feel comfortable in their care, Roze and Nova have many faithful regulars who come to see them for all of their dog grooming needs.

If you’d like for your pet to meet our groomers before booking an appointment, call us at (405) 722-7257!