Our Team in Oklahoma City, OK

Meet Our Team in Oklahoma City

Making every one of our four-legged guests feel welcomed and well-cared-for is the highest priority here at Hefner Road Pet Resort for our groomers and staff. Our team members genuinely enjoy creating a place that offers comfort, relaxation, and spa-style pampering for your pets! Get to know them and be sure to call us at (405) 722-7257 if you have questions or would like to reserve an appointment.

Jacklyn and her dog

Jacklyn, Office Manager

Growing up, Jacklyn never let a stray animal go without a meal. Her love of animals never wavered, and she has now been working in the veterinary field since her junior year of high school. Jacklyn used to work at an animal hospital that was within walking distance of her house. When its veterinarian retired and the practice closed, Jacklyn’s job search brought her to Hefner Road, where she now serves as our Office Manager. She knew from the very first day working there that it was the place she needed to be!

Jacklyn is also a veterinary assistant, and especially interested in parasitology and looking at samples under the microscope. She loves the challenge and excitement of a new case! Dr. Purvis even lets her take organism samples for her scientific collection.

At home, Jacklyn has several pets; she refers to them as her personal zoo! She has a 96 lb. lap dog named Dr. Carter, two box turtles, a Mexican red-kneed tarantula, and a cat named Cowboy. Her hobbies include vintage shopping, thrifting, and antiquing. She also likes collecting insects, spending time outdoors, and camping with her pup.

Kevin and his dog

Kevin, Reception

Kevin was born in Oklahoma City, but spent most of his time growing up in the Yukon/Mustang area and graduated from Mustang High School in May 2013. Growing up, Kevin had seven dogs, two cats, and a gerbil named Glenn. In 7th grade, Kevin decided that he wanted to become a veterinarian. He started his career in veterinary medicine at Hefner Road in the fall of 2013. Even though he loves working with animals, Kevin has worked his way up to becoming a receptionist and gets to meet the fellow dog and cat lovers that bring in their animals. During his free time, he likes finding new movies and TV shows on Netflix, volunteering at his church, and spending time with friends and family.

Michaela and her dog

Michaela, Reception

Michaela was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ until 2009 when she relocated to OKC to be closer to her native family and finish school at PCN and Francis Tuttle. Growing up, she had two Golden Retrievers, a retired Greyhound, a Dachshund, a Havanese, a black cat, and an assortment of rodents. Michaela knew from a young age that she wanted to work in the veterinary field and found Hefner Road in 2013 after she graduated high school. There she developed a love for working the kennels and spending every day with animals. After leaving for a couple of years to broaden her skill set, Michaela returned in 2016 to pursue her calling - caring for pets and the people that love them! Now she works as a veterinary assistant as well as in the front reception area, and her favorite work passion is dental health.

Michaela’s hobbies outside of work include building props and dressing up for local comic conventions, playing PC games with her friends, and watching documentaries.


Roze, Groomer

Roze has been grooming since 1992. She has a Doberman Pinscher and Standard Poodle at home. She has always loved animals, and grooming is the best way she can give back to them. Roze has a wonderful husband and two sons that she loves with all her heart! She is thankful for all the joy in her life and her career here at Hefner Road Pet Resort.


Nova, Groomer

Nova has been grooming at Hefner Road Pet Resort since 2006. She has two boys, Keywan and Mekhai, as well as two Staffordshire terriers, Eddie and Silva. She absolutely loves her job and being able to make dogs look beautiful for their “parents.” Family and friends are everything to Nova and have been such a blessing in her life. Hefner Road Pet Resort is its own little family and she is proud to be a part of it!