Dog Grooming Piedmont, OK

Premier Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare and Pet Grooming
Piedmont, OK

Hefner Road Pet Resort is the vacation-style dog boarding, dog daycare, and pet grooming experience near Piedmont, OK that your pet deserves. With 6,000 square feet of space devoted to your pet’s comfort and enjoyment, you can be assured that while they’re with us, they won’t be sitting in a kennel all day! With a friendly team of pet care professionals available to care for your four-legged family member and a commitment to keeping them happy, you won’t want to leave your pet in anyone else’s hands. If you’d like to see what we offer before making a decision, we encourage you to stop over for a tour!

Dog Boarding Piedmont, OK

What to Expect with Our Cat and Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, and Pet Grooming Services Near Piedmont

We love taking care of pets and interacting with them to help them feel more at ease while they’re away from home. Whether they’re with us just for the day or will be staying for a week, our team will make sure your pet is relaxed and comfortable throughout their time here. We strive to give every guest a customized experience that suits their needs and temperament.

Learn about our cat and dog boarding, dog daycare, and pet grooming services below.

Cat and Dog Boarding Piedmont, OK

Let’s face it: boarding your pet can be stressful. At Hefner Road Pet Resort, our main concern is helping your pet feel welcome and seeing to it that they get the care and interaction they need. Our cat and dog boarding facility is spacious, with separate areas for dogs and cats, dog kennels and runs in a variety of sizes, and multilevel condos for cats. Our kennels, runs, and cat condos do not have bars or chain links over the doors; all our guests have unobstructed views of their surroundings. Additionally, our cat boarding area has a fish tank to provide visual interest.

Dog Grooming Piedmont, OK

Good hygiene is essential to every pet’s health. At Hefner Road Pet Resort, we have two talented dog groomers who provide stress-free, professional bathing services including haircuts, baths, hair trims, nail trims, and much more.

Dog Daycare Piedmont, OK

Dog daycare might be a good idea for your pet if they quickly become restless and get stressed out when they’re left alone at home. We offer dog daycare near Piedmont, OK to help canines get much-needed interaction and playtime when their owners are gone for the day. All of our daycare guests and groups are supervised by our friendly team, and we can provide one-on-one attention for dogs that prefer to spend time on their own.

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