Dog Grooming Near Bethany, OK

Dog Boarding, Grooming, and Daycare
Near Bethany, OK

At Hefner Road Pet Resort near Bethany, OK, our mission is to make dog boarding, dog daycare, and dog grooming all as enjoyable as possible for our canine guests. We don’t call ourselves a pet resort for nothing! Our 6,000-square foot facility is staffed with enthusiastic animal lovers who are experienced in caring for pets and making sure their individual needs are met. We also offer comfortable boarding amenities for felines! We invite you to call us at (405) 722-7257 and stop over for a quick tour so you can find out what we have to offer and meet our outstanding team!

Dog Boarding Near Bethany, OK

Learn More About Our Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming Services Near Bethany, OK

We’re committed to creating a vacation-like experience for each and every guest, and giving pet owners peace of mind about their loved ones’ care.

Our facility is fully-equipped to provide for their essential needs while also going the extra mile to make them feel relaxed, comfortable, and content.

Cat and Dog Boarding Near Bethany, OK

We provide our cat and dog boarding guests with lots of space to keep them comfortable. This includes spacious dog kennels and runs, and multilevel cat condos. All kennels, runs, and condos allow our guests a clear view of the facility around them, with no bars or chain links in the way. Being able to observe their surroundings can help dogs and cats feel more at ease in their environment. Also, we give cats additional visual interest with a fish tank in the cat boarding wing.

Dog Grooming Near Bethany, OK

A clean dog is a healthy and happy dog. Hefner Road Pet Resort has not one but two outstanding dog groomers, both of whom provide professional services including baths, haircuts, trims, and more. If your pet is due for dog grooming, call us at (405) 722-7257!

Dog Daycare Near Bethany, OK

Sometimes dog daycare is just what your pet needs to get out of their shell, socialize, and engage in essential physical activity. We offer a secure environment where all dogs are always supervised by attentive staff members. Also, our team can provide one-on-one interaction if your pet needs some time away from the pack.